Born in 1990. M.A., Musashino Art University. Art Criticism, Studies of Culture and Representation. Selected research articles: “’Classroom’ as the Theme of ‘Isekai-mono’: Narou-kei, Kyara, Game” (Bulletin of Musashino Art University 2020-no.51, Musashino Art University, 2021), “Sculpture and Melancholy: The Frozen Moment in the Works of Mark Manders” (Bulletin of Musashino Art University 2021-no.52, Musashino Art University, 2022). Selected critical essays: “How Could We Sense ‘Absence’?” (Exhibition catalog of “ab-sence/ac-ceptance,“ The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, 2022), “Contemporary Sculpture” (Comet-tsushin, Suiseisha, 2022- *Published serially).