Katsumata Ryo (b.1990) is an art critic based in Japan. He obtained MA from Musashino Art University. His primary field of research is modern and contemporary sculpture. His writings include “Sculpture and Melancholy: The Frozen Moment in the Works of Mark Manders” (Bulletin of Musashino Art University 2021-no.52, Musashino Art University, 2022), “Contemporary Sculpture” (Comet-tsushin no.18-29, Suiseisha, 2022 *Serial article), “The Entangled Sculpture of Toya Shigeo: Contact-Based Frameworks of Body and Language” (Toya Shigeo: Sculpture, T&M Projects, 2022), “White Oscillation: On Isamu Wakabayashi’s Possession, Atmosphere, Oscillation: Outskirts of a Forest” (Isamu Wakabayashi: Outskirts of a Forest, Musashino Art University Museum & Library, 2023), “Support and Play: On Yasuko Toyoshima’s Works from the 2010s and Others” (Yasuko Toyoshima: Origination Method, Shoshitsukumo, 2024).