Katsumata Ryo (b.1990) is a Japanese art critic. He obtained MA from Musashino Art University. His primary field of research is modern and contemporary sculpture. His writings include “Sculpture and Melancholy: The Frozen Moment in the Works of Mark Manders” (Bulletin of Musashino Art University 2021-no.52, Musashino Art University, 2022), “How Could We Sense ‘Absence’?” (The exhibition catalog of “ab-sence/ac-ceptance”, The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, 2022), “Contemporary Sculpture” (Comet-tsushin, Suiseisha, 2022 *Serial article), “The Entangled Sculpture of Toya Shigeo: Contact-Based Frameworks of Body and Language” (Toya Shigeo: Sculpture, T&M Projects, 2022 *The exhibition catalog of “Toya Shigeo: Sculpture” at Nagano Prefectural Art Museum and The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama).