I wrote about 2000 articles of fine art in ASAHI=Shimbun following the exhibitions in western half of Japan without Kyhushyu district. In those days Asahi held every year about 50 or more exhibitions of almost all genres of arts from the era far before Christ to now. In order to understand them before writing my articles. I needed to ask many questions to many specialists of each genre who made me possible to appreciate various genres of arts. They also made me hope to meditate on the necessity of fine art for us through the life outside of Japan. I retired Asahi then I was 55 years and in 1995 I went to Paris there I lived writing articles for 5 magazines. Unfortunately I fell ill so heavily and came back Japan in 1999. After recovering good health, I began to teach at 3 schools on the history of European art and the modern culture.

I was a staff-writer of ASAHI-Shimbun(newspaper)specializing in fine art from 1978 to 1994.
I wrote every month for the monthly art magazine “Nihon Bijutu Khogei”(Art and Craft in Japan)from1983 to 1997.
I wrote explanations or critics about the exhibitions of fine arts held in France(mainly in Paris)from 1996 to 1998.