Curator/Educator, Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo. BA, Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. He worked for establishing Fuchu Art Museum in 2000, and organized contemporary art exhibitions, educational programs containing Open Studio Programs and Workshops. His exhibitions are “The 2nd Fuchu Biennial 2004 – For the World to Come -“(2004), “Art toward the Society: Realism in Korean Art 1945-2005” (2008), “Art Site Fuchu 2010: The Power for Living” (2010), “Shinkai Kakuo: a trace of the painter” (2016). He mainly studies relation between art and society. His recent co-authored publication is The Article 9 Haiku Lawsuit and Freedom of Community Learning Centers (Eidell Institute Co., Ltd., 2018).He serializes “Cultural Topics: Art” in Monthly Zen’ei (Vanguard), writing criticisms in Daily Akahata (Red Flag), Bijutsu-Undo (Art Movement) and etc..