Professor at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. She specializes in art history,theories of cultural representation and gender studies. Received her M.A. in art history from Ewha Womans University and her Ph.D.from Gakushuin University. She has authored A Study of Modern Korean Art:Foreign Cultural Domination and Cultural Representation as Seen in ‘Eshibition of Korean Art’ in the Colonian Period (Brücke ,2005),and co-edited Crossing Gazes, Art and Gender2(Brücke,2005).Her major publications include, ‘Korean Western Art History-Learning, Research and Exhibition’ edited by Tokiko Suzuki,Western Art: Authors, Representation, Research-From the Perspective of Gender(Brücke,2017) “Women in ‘SENTEN’:Female Image of Salon in Korean Colonial Period,” translated by Alwyn Spies,edited by Norman Bryson,Mari-beth Graybill, & Joshua Mostow, Gender and Power in Japanese Visual Field,University of Hawaii Press,2003.