Born in Osaka,Japan in 1954. After engaging in graphic design works (1977-1986) and managing a contemporary art gallery as a director (1986-1997), Yoshio Katoh established Contemporay Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE in 1997 and continues to this day. Currently, he is a director of the Takarazuka Arts Center, a visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts, and visiting professor a Osaka College of Art in Association with Osaka University of Arts, and a part-time lecturer at Kobe University, and The Open University of Japan. Chairman of the Ashiya City Cultural Promotion Council, Vice-chairman of the SuiteCity Cultural Promotion Council, Permanent Director of the Society for Arts and Anthropollogy, Director of the Japan Contemporary Art Promotion Association, Director of the General Incorporated Association Design Management Association. In charge of writing critical articles on art exhibitions to the Asahi Shimbun Company Osaka Head Office. Major Published books “Tadashi Kawamata :Personal Public Works by an artist ” (Collective writings/2004), Published by Bijutsu Shuppan Holding Co,Ltd.Japan “Complete Works of Contemporay Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE 1997-2007”(Editing and writing/2007), Published by Osaka Zokei Center,Japan “Learn Art Management”(Collective writings/2018), Published by Musashino Art University Press