Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1963, She is a Professor at Kyoto City University of Art. Formerly she served as Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Museum of Art, Osaka. Her major exhibitions include Art and The Environment (Geijutsu to Kankyo, 1998); A Second Talk (Ima Hanaso, 2002); Positioning-In the New Reality of Europe (Tenkan Ki no Saho, 2005); Still/Motion: Liquid Crystal Painting (Ekisho Kaiga, 2008); Tatsuno Art Project 2011-2015; Homage to Kantor – Theater of Death (Shi no Gekijo, 2015) etc. Major Publications: Avant Garde Declaration—Modernism in Central-Eastern Europe (Avant Garde Sengen—Chuo no Modernism) (Sangensha, 2005, Joint translation); For Those Who Learn Poland (Poland Gaku wo Manabu Hito no Tameni)(Sekaishisosha, 2007, Joint authorship); Modern Art in Central Europe (Chuo no Modern Art)(Sairyusha, 2013, Joint authorship); Contemporary Art of Central Europe (Chuo no Gendai Bijutsu) (Sairyusya, 2014); Polish Avant-garde Art: Applied Fantasy for Survival (Poland no Zenei Bijutsu) (Sogensha, 2014); Poland as a soil for the growth of Contemporary Art. Heritage and Transformation, from Kantor to present day (Gendai Bijutsu no Ba to shite no Poland)(Sogensha, 2021). She is the artistic director of Tatsuno Art Project from 2011.