Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Literature, University of Tokyo. Completed the master’s programs at the University of Warwick in the UK, majoring in “Film Studies” and “Art Management”.
I have written many art articles in magazines and web media which will raise reputation of works and the activities of artists. In particular, those articles are focusing on putting great value on young active artists. Since 2014, I have been planning exhibitions and events as a representative of the Patron Project, which produces projects that promote people to know how to appreciate art works in a better way and also to purchase art works to support artists.
Major serial articles written include Yomiuri Newspaper “Bijutsuten Navi”,Shogakukan “Waraku web”, “Monthly Art”, “Tokyo One Day Art Trip”, “Monthly International Commerce”, “Art and Business Crossroads”, and Bijutsu Shuppansha “bitecho”. Major curations include √K Contemporary Gallery “Kota Kinutani” exhibition,Park Hotel Tokyo “Wakako Kawakami” exhibition and “Mitsumasa Kadota” exhibition. Official Facilitator of Nihon Keizai Newspaper
“art NIKKEI Talking Art Exhibition”. My book written: “Crossroad of Art and Business”: