Curator, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. Born in 1958. After completing master course in Hiroshima University in 1986 he started to work in the preparatory office for Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, which opened in1989. Working there as a curator more than ten years, he transferred to Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in 2007. He was in charge of a number of exhibitions featuring contemporary Japanese artists such as Shinohara Ushio (1992), Toya Shigeo (1995), Suga Kishio (1997), Yanagi Yukinori (2000), Yokoo Tadanori (2002 and 2014), Kusama Yayoi (2005), Enoki Chu (2011) and Funakoshi Katsura (2015). He also organized other exhibitions including “After Hiroshima” (1995), “Soil and Earth” (1997), “New Phases in Contemporary Painting” (2012) and “1945±5” (2016). Selected articles on art; On the extension of the word “installation” in America and its adoption in Japan (2000), The Evolution of Shiraga Kazuo’s Foot Paintings: 1955-1964 (2012), A Study of Two Paintings by Tanaka Atsuko (2015) and Re-examining Documentation and Artistic Expression (2016), which dealing with artworks on atomic bombing.