b.Tokyo Japan,f. Essayist,Art-critic,Designer.Main Education:University of Mississippi
in Oxford,Pratt Institute in New York.Main Appointment:Gorge Nelson Design Office、N.Y.,Andre Wogenscky/-Circle d’Art,Paris(trainees),Kajima- Kensetsu Ltd. (Interior Design Consultant)Tokyo,Tama University of Fine Arts(Lecturer)Tokyo, Main Committees-Member: Ministry Panels on Environment,Land and Transportation,National Difense Facility,Culture and Science(1970s-2006).Main Publications :The Aesthetics of Urban Environment’78,The Aesthetics of Love,Creating Environment- to Children,The Ethics of Urban Landscape,Interior Design-An Introduction to Architectural Interiors/translation from English、(Writing for most of major magazines and newspapers 1970s-2000s),Main Contribution to:Synposiums ,journals and television on comparative civilizations, international cultures and scientific subjects/ including cooperation to Japan in Aspen-IDCA’79, Honours:Japan Society Fellow,Co-recipient(Kajiima-Kensetsu) of Japan Architectural Association Award,US National Society of Interior Designers Award,Japan Fashion Association Award.After receiving US O1-VISA-2008:”The Vision to Interdisciplinary Relationship of Arts”