Born in Tokyo in 1989. Assistant curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Completed the master’s program at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, and was a curator at the Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, and the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, and was appointed to her current position on April 2023. Her main curatorial projects include: “Living in the Times, Transcending the Times: Japanese Modern Western Paintings from the Collection of Itabashi Art Museum, the 1920s-1950s” (2018, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi), “Artist Project #2.04 Tomotosi Aerobic Nampa” (2019-2020, the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama), “Toya Shigeo: Sculpture”(2023, the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama).  Her main papers include: “Kaoru Ueda: Paintings in the Age” (Kaoru Ueda exhibition, 2020) and “Atsuhito Ikenouchi’s Passage to Saipan” (STAYTUNE/D, 2020).