1957 Born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

1981 Graduated from Aesthetics and Art History Course, Faculty of Fine Arts,
Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

Work Experience
1985-1990 Curator at Niigata City Art Museum, Japan
1990-present Free-lance art critic based in Niigata Prefecture
2000-present Director of Niigata Eya Art Gallery
2005-present Director of Sakyukan (cultural facility in Niigata and former residence of the branch manager of the Bank of Japan, Niigata Branch)
2009・2012 Advisory consultant for Niigata Art Festival “Water and Land”, Japan
present Head of the Town Heritage Society in Niigata
present Instructor at Nagaoka Institute of Design, Niigata University and Niigata College of Art and Design

“Tokyo Noise”, published by Art Village Co., 2004
“Essa no Uzumibi” (Banked Fire of Essa) (co-author), Niigata Nippo Publishing Co.,1996

Edited Publication
“Landscape of Toru Sunouchi”, Shunjusha Publishing Company, 1996

Photo:Chikako Enomoto