Artistic Director of the exhibitions of the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris 2014-2020 and Director of the International Affaires Department of the Committee for “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture” since 2018. Aomi Okabe was a professor at the Musashino Art University for 12 years, after working as Chief Curator at the Mercien Karuizawa Museum for 5 years.  She was also a lecturer and Visiting Professor at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts for two years and spent a year as the Visiting Researcher at the New York University. Her main achievements include being co-commissioner of “le Japon des avant-gardes 1910-70”exhibition in Pompidou Center(1986), primary judge of the biennale of Art films ( 1990, 92, Pompidou Center ), curator of “Georges Rousse, Hanshin ArtA Project” (1995), curator of “Georges Rousse in Miyagi”(2013), and since 2016 at the Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris, curator of exhibitions “Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi”, “Rei Naito” and “Tomoko Yoneda” etc.. She graduated from the International Christian University in Tokyo, has a master degree from the Sorbonne University and a Diplôme de recherche approfondie from the Ecole du Louvre. She realized the documentary film of “Atsuko Tanaka, another Gutai” and her publications include “Art, Women and Images-Glocal Women” which is a feminist analysis of international women artists in photography and video and also ”Curiosity on Arts- Real Muséologie “, the initiation of the contemporary Japanese arts, etc.. She founded the interview web site for the Japanese Art’s scene;