Curator, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. MA, Hitotsubashi University. Specialized in Japanese avant-garde art after WW II, and organizes cross-sectional and region-wide exhibitions that will interact with comics, popular magazines, advertisements and other hybrid reproduction culture and art. Selected curatorial projects: “The world of ISHIKO Junzo: From Art via Manga to Kitsch” (2011-12, Fuchu Art Museum), “Discover, DISCOVER JAPAN” (2014, Tokyo Station Gallery), “Parody and Intertextuality: Visual Culture in Japan around the 1970s” (2017, Tokyo Station Gallery). Selected writings: “Zokuaku no Sakae: Manga to Bijutsu no Bimyou na Kankei” [Prosperity of villainy – a complex relationship between manga and art] (Jikkenjo 1950s , Tokyo National Museum of Art, 2012).