Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. Director of the University of Tokyo Komaba Art Museum. Studied Western modern art history at the University of Tokyo Graduate School and Paris-Sorbonne University. Interested in the history of 19th century French painting (Manet, academic painting) and the history of French-Japanese art exchange (Japonisme, modern Japanese painting). His major books include Representations of Modern Artists-Manet, Fantin-Latour and French Paintings in the 1860s (2006), Histoires de peinture entre France et Japon (2009), The Trajectory of Return-150 Years of Art Exchange between Japan and France (Edited, 2013), Edouard Manet: A Revolution in Western Art History (2018), etc. The exhibitions he supervised include “Raphaël Collin” (1999), “From Monet to Cezanne-Impressionism and its Era” (2002), “Railway and Painting ” (2003), “19th Century Exhibition of French Painting” (2009), “Japan’s Love for Impressionism, from Monet to Renoir” (2015-2016), etc.