Director, Niitsu Art Museum, Niigata City. Born in Niigata City in 1966. Graduated from Tama Art University Art Studies. After working at Loft Museum of Contemporary Art, Curator of Niigata City Art Museum since 1994. Award for Distinguished Service of Museum in 2017 (Japan Museum Association). “Birenkyo Grand Prize” recommendation committee(The Japan Association of Art Museums) since 2019. Incumbent since 2020. Specializes in Japanese modern and contemporary paintings, but interdisciplinary research and introductions centered on artists from Niigata. Selected curatorial projects: “FUMIO SAKAMOTO Retrospective”(2004),“SHIGEO GOCHO Retrospective”(2004), “KUNIO MAYEKAWA Retrospective”(2006), “SUNOUCHI TORU and GENDAI Gallery”(2014, 30th Ehime Prefecture Publishing Culture Award), “Gift from KIHACHI KIMURA” (2017), “NOBUYA ABE 1913-1971: Insatiable Quest beyond Borders” (2018, Birenkyo Grand Prize Excellent Catalog Award). Selected books: “SIGEO GOCHO 1946-1983” (Kyodo News, 2004) co-edited and co-authored, “THE WORK OF KUNIO MAYEKAWA” (Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha, 2006) co-edited and co-authored
Also serve as a part-time lecturer (Museum Management Theory) at Nagaoka Institute of Design.