Director, Niigata City Art Museum
Born in Tokyo in 1953. Graduated from Tokyo University of Education. Left doctoral course of University of Tsukuba and started to work for the preparatory office for Museum of Modern Art, Saitama in 1981. Curated exhibitions including “Realism Now”(1983), “Movement and Modern Art”(1988), ”The Sting of Satire”(1992), ”The Language of Place” and ”Grace and Gravity”(co-organized by Ohio Arts Council, 1994-1995), ”Turkish Art Today neresi? Brasi?”(2003), ”The Art Museum Dreams of the Cretaceous Period”(2006), “Teshigahara Hiroshi”(2007), ”Dreams of Russia 1917-1937”(2009), “The 70s in Japan 1968-1982”(2012) at Saitama Museum. Curated the exhibition organized by The Japan Foundation, “Kokoro no Arika, Location of the Spirit”(Ludwig Museum, Budapest and Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003-04). Publications include Contemporary Artists in Japan 133 (1992), Seiyo Bijutsukan(co-author, 1999).