Independent Curator & Critic. History of Western Philosophy, at Kyushu University. He worked as curator at the Kawasaki City Museum ( referred to as kcm),1988-2016, curated many exhibitions concerning photography, design and contemporary art. Since 2017 he has been working as independent curator & critic. The representative exhibitions :“The Bauhaus – Revolution and Experiment of Art Education”(1994 kcm)“Aspects of contemporary photography”(1995, 2001 kcm), “Photography at the Bauhaus” (1997 kcm), “Distance and Proximity: Horizons of Bechers and their Students”(1997 kcm), “Towards a Game of Photography” (2008 kcm), “Japanese Design Today 100”(2004, 2014 International exhibition of Japan Foundation, joint-curation ), “WA: The Spirit of Harmony and Japanese Design Today” (2008 International exhibition of Japan Foundation, joint-curation ), “TATSUMI ORIMOTO: ART x LIFE” (2016 kcm) and “Come to Bauhaus! – the basis of education in art and design” (2019). He set up the bauhaus100 japan project ( as a member of the bauhaus 100 Japan committee in 2017, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019. Publications: A Project of Light – Photography beyond Modernism (Seikyu-sha 2007), Vilém Flusser: Towards a Philosophy of Photography 〔Translation〕 (Keiso-shobo 1999 Tokyo), Akira Yoshimura Works 〔joint authorship〕(Osumishoten 2014), Eyes of Akira Yoshimura〔editing〕(Saihate-sha 2022), Principles of Contemporary Photography – towards an Evolutionary of Photography as Contemporary Art – (What is the contemporary art of photography in the age of Instagram?), 〔joint authorship〕 (Film Arts Company 2019) Lectures on Media and Art at Musashino Art University and others, on Curation at Tokyo University of Technology.


Official website: Art & Article by Masafumi Fukagawa