Writer on Art. Writer/Publisher of a personal art-magazine “HAIKAIKO” from 2002 on (recent issue No.17, 2018). His concern is to write mainly about the actual art in Japan, East-Asia. After his study of art history in Tokyo as well as in Paris, he became curator at National Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo. then professor at CHUBU University (Nagoya). Publications include “A History of Deviation in Contemporary Art in Japan”(Shobunsha Publ.,1986), “Minimal Art”, (Libroport Publi.,1987), “Actual Situation of Art” (Goryu-Shoin Publi.,1990→Korean translated 1991), “Vermeer of Delft, A Vessel of the Miracle”, (Goryu-Shoin Publi.,1994), “Japanese Art Yet to be Born”(Shobunsha Publ., 2006→Chinese translation 2014), “The Beginning of Modern Painting in Europe - Caravaggio, Vermeer and Goya”(Goryu-Shoin Publi.,2008), “Voyage from Caravaggio”(Goryu-Shoin Publi.,2012). Curatorial and adovisory works include:”Japan-Ushimado International Contemporary Exhibition” (1984-1991), “Kassel Dokumenta” (1985), “Japon des Avants Gardes”(Paris Pompidou Center,1986-87), “Conceptualist Art”(Queens Museum, 1999), “Contemporary Art of China and Japan” (Busan City Museum of Art, 2010).