Born in 1965. Critic of art and (sub)culture, social issue. Publications: Visible and Invisible Censorship (Shakai Hyoronsha Co., Ltd., 2018), Critique of Art about Tenno Emperor system (ditto, 2014), Space Battleship Yamato and the Japan society in the 70s (ditto, 2010), Redefining Otaku culture as Subculture (Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd., 2015), The Door into the Unknown New England (ditto, 2013). Serial article: Japanese Art Auction Market Report (monthly and yearly) for Gekkanbijutsu (Monthly Art) (Sun Art Co., Ltd.), Art and Publicness for Monthly Shakaiminshu (Social Democratic) (Social Democratic Party). Major contribution of media: Bijutsu Meiten (Art Yearbook) (Geijutsu Sinbunsha Co., Ltd.), Shukan Kinyobi (Monthly Friday) (Kinyobi Co., Ltd.), Akahata news paper (Japanese Communist Party), Shukan Dokushojin (Book review paper) (Dokushojin Co., Ltd.), and so on.

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